Business Telephone Services

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cost-effective and proven technology that lowers your overall IT expenses, and provides a critical component to your business continuity strategy so you can stay up and running under any circumstance.

How VoIP Works

VoIP uses the Internet to transmit business calls as opposed to the old circuit-switched mode used by traditional telephone companies. Business VoIP services are a more sophisticated, commercial version of consumer VoIP. A business VoIP provider offers a small-to medium-sized business the advanced features that would be too expensive to purchase and maintain on their own. Business VoIP provides PBX (private branch exchange) capabilities, conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music-on-hold and automated attendants.

How VoIP Supports Business Continuity During a Disaster Situation

When phone lines go down and the power is out, you still need to make and receive business calls. With a properly designed, implemented and hosted business VoIP system you can—You’ll have the ability to make and receive calls remotely via your smartphone and get messages from auto-attendants that continue to function via voicemail-to-email so you can stay up and running, even if power and Internet access goes down in your building.

“Don’t Try This At Home” (or at Work) On Your Own

Only companies that understand the differences between VoIP services and PBX networks are capable of setting up VoIP systems that are reliable during a power failure or other disaster.

SlyTek Managed IT Solutions provides valued-added services outside of our VoIP and IT Services Plan, such as cloud consulting, cloud-based backup services, antivirus and anti-spam monitoring, search engine optimization, website development, and social media consulting.

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