Digital Surveillance

SlyTek Managed IT Solutions provides complete video surveillance security solutions that fit a variety of budgets and needs

If you suspect that something is happening. Or if you just want to take preventative measures to protect your business. Get the proof you need and the piece of mind you deserve. Don't wait another day! A good video surveillance system will stop theft, record criminal activity while improving employee productivity and promoting safety at the workplace. A Video Surveillance system can also assist in meeting insurance requirements, possibly lowering premiums.

The continuously increasing computing powers of personal computers, the greater availability of high-speed Internet access, networks, and the advent of wireless technology have propelled the emergence and popularity of digital video surveillance. CCTV or analog systems transmit video to specific local monitors for viewing and are confined to that physical location. Digital video systems, however, can be transmitted to multiple viewing and/or storage sites by utilizing network infrastructures and IP (Internet Protocol) technology to transmit video over a network or the Internet. Before the digital world, CCTV cameras were hooked up to a VCR for recording video. Today, the same CCTV cameras can be digitized using a digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR) or network DVR.

What’s so great about digital?

  • Accessibility - A digital video surveillance system can give you the ability to quickly and easily view access events in multiple areas of your facility.
  • Profitability - With a digital video surveillance system, you can have greater control over loss. It may also help lower liability and insurance costs.
  • Productivity - A digital video surveillance system can discourage workplace violence, harassment and poor customer service.
  • Reliability - Digital video recorders (DVRs) mean no more broken or worn-out tapes, and no more costly maintenance.
  • Improved picture quality - DVRs deliver sharper images, with no loss of quality over time.
  • Enhanced capabilities - DVRs allow you to store more information using less space. Plus, events captured with DVRs can easily be downloaded, recorded to a CD-ROM or duplicated when an additional copy is required.
  • Remote access - Many DVR units can help you oversee your business from anywhere you have remote connectivity.

SlyTek Managed IT Solutions provides a full service experience in offering video surveillance system design, installation and ongoing service. Please contact us to see what we can do for your organization. Allow us to get to know the challenges your business is facing. Then, together, we can draw from a wide range of products, solutions and services, including the latest in video surveillance and access control. All this creates a security solution that can help grow your business as well as protect it.

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